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Here is a selection of photos showing the prototypes of each of our models.






LL-S1 Model


LL-S2 Model

LL-S3 Model

LL-LW Model

Welcome to Little-Leafers - Home of half scale replica off-road vehicles.

"Little-Leafers" are petrol powered scale replica's of classic British off-road vehicles, built from detailed plans, specially developed to enable the vehicles to be built as a home workshop project, without the use of heavy workshop equipment or special tools.

Take a look at the video below and read on...........

This is the original prototype vehicle, built from scratch. It is half scale and is based on the running gear of a garden tractor, using an 11.5 hp Briggs and Stratton petrol engine. It has a 5 speed gearbox and the rear axle incorporates a differential. An integral alternator on the engine provides power to operate the headlights, tail lights and even the dashboard instruments are illuminated. The electric start of the original engine has also been retained to make starting effortless.

However, it was a complicated build, requiring many components to be custom made.

Now though, a simplified model has been developed to enable you to build a similar vehicle; using standard go-kart or off-road buggy components, fixed to a wooden chassis with MDF body panels and powered by a choice of compact, powerful 4 stroke petrol engines. A choice of four different body styles is available for you to build, all based on a standard chassis design.  See our products  page for details.

The full range of S1, S2, S3 and now the new LW build packs
are now available via our
purchase page.

Thirty nine pages of detailed, dimensioned plans and a one hundred and six page, step by step build manual, clearly illustrated with over one hundred photographs and illustrations, combine to provide a comprehensive reference during your own build. Each section of the manual lists the materials required to complete that part of the build. The manual also contains tips and hints to simplify the build and to get the best possible finish to your replica.

A slideshow of the completed S1 model and video of it in action can be seen below.

An outline of the specifications for all models are given below.





1810mm long x 845mm wide x 865mm high (71" x 33" x 34")








1115mm (44")








Air cooled 4 Stroke OHV petrol engine, horizontal shaft.
118cc (4 hp), 163cc (5.5 hp) or 196cc (6.5 hp).
Transistorised ignition system with recoil or electric start.








Centrifugal clutch and chain drive to rear axle via reduction sprockets








Disk brake on rear axle with cable operated brake caliper








Generally 75mm x 50mm planed softwood








8mm, 12mm and 19mm thick MDF





Wheel size:



200mm diameter wheel with 400 x 8, 4 ply light duty tyre





Estimated speed:



10-15mph dependant on sprocket configuration



The approximate cost of building one of these vehicles should be around 1000 (including the engine), perhaps cheaper if you shop around for some of the components. Little Leafers is not able to supply any of the components, but links to recommended suppliers are provided on this web site


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Please Note:

Little-Leafers makes every effort to supply designs for quality vehicles to its customers, but can not be held responsible for the manner in which an individual assembles a vehicle, or the manner in which an individual uses a completed vehicle.

As a motorised vehicle they should be used on private land with the permission of the land owner, subject to local laws and regulations.

These vehicles are not toys.

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